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The Last Time
Severus Snape paced back and forth, back and forth.
It was cold. The stars twinkled icily above. He could see his own breath frosting mistily in the still air.
The cold didn’t bother him, though.
He was used to it.
His long black robes trailed through the dead leaves, making a rustling noise that was loud in the stillness.
She’d said to meet her here. In the old forest where they’d used to go. They’d gone almost every day, before. Just to talk or to play or to pretend they were knights of old on a great quest to slay a dragon, like the characters out of one of her books.
She never would agree to be the captured princess and wait patiently for him to rescue her.
Once, she’d even persuaded him to be the captured prince and then she’d come along and rescued him, slaying the evil dragon herself.
And that was Lily all over.
Slay the dragon and save the weak, even if they didn’t want to be saved.
The essence of Lily.
He hated the potions recipes that
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His cold, pale eyes look at me like I’m an insect. I’m of no importance to him; just another stupid little person in a stupid little world.
But he’s brilliant. He’s a genius. He knows everything about me without needing me to speak a word. He’s clever. And brave. And sometimes he can be so funny. He’s got a smile like winter sunshine, surprisingly warm and bright, and as rare as a blue moon. When he smiles, everything shines.
Yet he looks right through me. He has no idea how much I want him to notice me. If he speaks to me, I walk on air for the rest of the day. If he ever smiled at me... I wish he would smile at me, even just once. His eyes crinkle up and his whole face brightens. But I’ve only seen him smile once in all the time I’ve known him. And never, ever at me.
And why would he? I’m nothing to him. Just a slightly dim, plain, shy little girl, no more an object of affection than one of the microscopes or the coffee machine. P
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You have been warned.
His eyes are closed. He can feel the wind blowing around him, leeching the warmth from his bones.
He couldn’t resist sparing a moment to think how impressive he must look, his coat blowing around him, silhouetted against the sky.
Funny, he thought, how the mind betrays you.
It doesn’t want to face the facts. The data. The all-important and incredibly obvious truth...
In the end, the mind betrays you.
Is this what it’s like to be normal? Your mind constantly, almost purposely, oblivious of what is directly before you.
But he was Sherlock Holmes. He was not normal.
And he knew what was in front of him.
What had always been in front of him, ever since Moriarty had first noticed him, since they had first started playing the Great Game.
The Fall.
He wonders if Mycroft will mourn him.
John will. John will be torn apart.
Will Mrs. Huds
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Sheep Leap
Sheep send you to sleep.
Do not weep
For the sheep
As they leap
And they keep
Sending you to sleep
And I keep
Starting to seep
Into the deep
Of sleep
As the sheep
Land in a heap.
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Happily Ever After
I wish life were
Like a storybook,
With good always
With heroes living
"Happily Ever After".
And no matter
How many times
Clouds threaten,
The sun always
Comes out before
"The End".
We say that
"Cheaters never
But all too often
They do.
The wicked live
"Vilely Ever After".
The heros die,
Evil triumphs,
And clouds
Bring rain.
But there could be hope.
May be evil doesn't
Always win.
Maybe the clouds will clear.
Maybe, just maybe
There can be a
Happily Ever After.
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Worlds of Words
As I read
All my troubles
Fall away
As I read
I enter into
That world
Of adventure
Yet somehow
The needs
Of this world
Find me
In the far-off
Place I've
Fled to
I put down
My book
Ever so slowly
Search for
The bookmark
Not taking my
Eyes off the page
At last
I tear my mind
My soul
My eyes
From that
Enchanted place
Still, I know
That when
I return
That world
Will be waiting
To welcome me
Back home
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I love words
Long words
Short words
Used words
New words
So many
I learn so many
From the books
I read, I devour
I sometimes
Think I live
On words
Printed words
Spoken words
Penciled words
Words penned
By great authors
Yet sometimes
My emotion
Cannot be
Summed up
By mere words
And I find
Myself speechless
From the many
Words I know
Not one sounds
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The Heavenly Maidens
           The moon is a huge lamp, carried by a black ship and tended by a girl. The moon-maiden knows she must cause the phases of the moon by gradually covering, then uncovering, the lamp. If she does not, Time will stop and all life will cease to exist. The stars are smaller lanterns, carried by girls in small, black boats. The star-maidens drift through the sky in their constellations, whispering to each other. Whispering, ever so quietly, lest some mortal happen to hear the faintest murmur of star-speak, for the language of the star maidens is too sweet for any mortal being to hear, and live. The star-maidens and the moon-maiden have silvery, pale skin and white hair. They wear gowns woven from the purest starbeams and moonbeams. As the sun begins to rise the star-maidens and the moon-maiden sail to the Place Beyond Morning, where they rest, study or read and do as they please. The Place Beyond Morning is a quiet place of Pea
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I felt. For the first time in days, I actually felt a feeling. It was more than hunger, thirst, cold; I was used to those. This time, I felt embarrassment for crawling back to them, even after they had kicked me out, even though I knew I was causing such a huge danger to them with my presence. I felt boiling anger at them for sentencing me to death in the first place, for having so much more than I and still turning me away. It was sort of shocking for these thoughts to come up so suddenly after thinking so primitively.
I stared at their front door. I stared at the shiny brass knob with a few gentle snowflakes resting atop it. I debated running off and trying to fend for myself in some way I hadn't thought of, but I knew it'd be the same; all the cities would be the same. I hated the world. I hated myself. I wished I was dead. I wished a soldier would see me standing on their doorstep and shoot me in the back of the head.
I knocked on their door.
My old self would never have given up l
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SH: Good Old-Fashioned Villain
The year he'd learned how to talk was the year everything turned bad for the Moriarty family.
His parents had, innocently enough, bought Grimm's Tales to read to him. Child's tales, tall tales and fables; stories that grew within a child's mind, forming their imagination.
Most of all, Jim's. Whenever he was read a story, he wanted to know more about the villains; the true men, sitting at the top of the throne at the top of their empire built on fear instead of loyalty. To young Jim, fear was the one true weapon; it could strip away everything from which others based their kingdoms.
Brotherhood. Truth. Loyalty. Love. Gratitude. All were the binding factor needed to keep control. And fear was a crowbar that could pry them apart, exposing the weakness of others, shedding light on the weak points of others that could force them into doing anything they wanted to on a whim.
These thoughts tantalized Jim, and as his life slowly lulled into grade school, he continued his quest for such a role
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Fly Away
I may not cover my arms with butterflies...
Or draw on myself with markers any shade of red...
But that doesn't mean I don't hurt, my heart still cries...
Because I just save all of those things up in my head...
:iconfunsizeclair:FunSizeClair 3 13





My name is none of your business
Artist | Literature
" Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers. "
- Charles W. Eliot
"If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world."
C. S. Lewis
An entirely rational world view completely without mysticism is an absurdity. -Erwin Schrödinger, Nobel Prize for Physics, 1933
I don't remember where I got these but, anyway: "Of course, times change. Now, I'm just strange. A few hundred years ago, I'd be chased by mobs with pitchforks."
"I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us...very hard to explain why you're mad, even if you're not mad..."
And, of course, can't forget my all-time favorite quote by Snape:
"Ghosts are transparent."
The typist/author of this DevientID apologizes for any errors in spelling or grammar she may have made and for any confusion this may have caused.

Current Residence: Moncton, Canada
Personal Quote: "I am not amused" generally followed by "I object!"
  • Reading: The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • Watching: Sherlock
Something has happened to my brain.

I had never finished a fanfic in life. Then I watched Sherlock. 

Suddenly I've finished two Sherlock minific-type things, started another Sherlock fic that looks to be much longer, and then Snape decided that he was tired of being ignored and now I'm writing a Snape fic. 

And this leaves me thinking... Aaand, what just happened? 

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